Our smartFeatures

As a superior, internet-based tool suite EVOLUTION³ probably has the most powerful set of easy-to-use features for the creation of demanding learning content.

Efficient Creation of Learning Media

Consistent course preparation, intuitive working, multiple course publication.
EVOLUTION³ offers a variety of templates, editors and output formats.

Uniform course creation

EVOLUTION³ offers a variety of templates and layouts. With simple drag and drop you can easily create new courses in a consistent design.

Intuitive working

The various editors support you from the start of content creation to the publication of your course. These allow even newly trained users to create complex learning media.

PowerPoint Import

Our smart PowerPoint import also handles animations and text fields for editing.

Smart Single Source Publishing

With EVOLUTION³ you can use all common standards for digital learning (e-Learning). We are constantly working on new formats and types of exercises, especially for the mobile world. If you need a format that is not listed here, please ask us – maybe it is already under development!

WBT | CBT | eBook | Flash | HTML5

WBT | eBook classic | eBook pro | ePub3 | HTML5

PPT | Word | ODT | ODP | PDF

Interactive learning sequences

Automatically run instructional learning sequences, exercise types with customisable feedback, easy integration of virtual reality media – smart creation with EVOLUTION³

Automatically run sequences

Exercise types with customisable feedback

Determine how and when each individual element becomes visible when your content is played. In this way, you can introduce subject matter material into topics in line with the best instructional design principles.

Our authoring tools have a variety of different exercise types, such as Multiple Choice, Multiple response, Drag & Drop or Cloze Tests. Engage your learners with meaningful feedback for each response and thus improve successful learning outcomes.

Virtual Reality

Multiple Perspectives

Easy integration of media

Improve motivation and participation by stimulating learners‘ attention. 3D Objects or 360° Images and Videos help learners connect to the real world through their online learning experience. We provide the tools for companies to simply embed their 3D and 360° assets into sophisticated learning exercises.

Make your course varied by incorporating various external elements, such as YouTube videos, websites or documents that can be viewed within your courses. Or simply embed external sources, such as animation content, into your projects.

Use the File Manager to insert and replace your multimedia files, such as audio, video or images, within your courses – without affecting any existing functionality and sequencing of interactions.

Work in a team

EVOLUTION³ is a browser-based authoring tool, ideal for use with a decentralized or international team
for effective teamwork and coordination of ongoing projects.

World Wide Production Platform

How does collaboration work for you?

Working online means that all parties can communicate with each other at any time. With the browser-based authoring tool EVOLUTION³ you are free to choose where you and your team work.. You only need …

… a computer …

… an Internet connection …

… and, of course, EVOLUTION³.

Coordinate your current projects

You can view, reply, and delegate messages and tasks. Do you work with service providers or agencies? Watch live as your project develops.

Smart Collaboration

How does the collaboration in EVOLUTION³ function? Here’s an example:

Several authors work simultaneously on different chapters of a course. If an author believes that his work is finished, he sends a message to the user responsible for the content – the Subject Matter Expert – via the internal communication system.

The SME checks the content. If everything is correct, the project manager receives a message stating that this part of the learning unit has been finished.

The project manager is informed about the progress of the progress and notes that 25% of the course has been completed.

The SME locks the finished chapter – now no one can change the accepted contents. The author can now assist his colleagues in completing the other chapters.

Messages and tasks – all of which helps you to organise and control the production process.

Smart enough for you?

International use

Smarter international use through language nodes, easy translation handling
and support for many language variants.

Smart Language Management

You want to create one or more language versions of a course?

This can be easily done in EVOLUTION³!

Simply export all texts as XLIFF files and pass them to a translation agency. After the translation, import the file again. All texts are automatically inserted into the correct place in the course.

In a very short time, with a minimum of effort, you can create many language versions of a course from a single project.

By the way: If your course uses audio, you can also translate the scripts and update the corresponding sound files!

That’s what we call smart language management!

Special font features are supported

With both UTF 8- and 16-coding, many language variants and their special features are supported in the typefaces used. Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, etc. – all fonts are displayed correctly.

Language nodes

You can set the properties of objects in your course to be language-dependent. In this way, all language variants can be conveniently managed within a single course.

Smart Localisation

Imagine you have created a training product for the English market. For the Asian market, you want to use parts of this course.

Simply create the missing content in a new course. For the chapters which you want to use from the original training product simply insert these as linked content.

In this way, you can produce a full new training product from the original with a fraction of the usual effort.

Why linking and not copying?

When the chapters are linked the new “Asia” product maintains its links to the original “English” source. This means that changes in the original are automatically maintained for all the derivatives created.


The assessment possibilities in EVOLUTION³ are considered as the best in the e-learning market.
Randomized pulling of questions from multiple test pools,
defined test procedures or employee surveys can be created and carried out with EVOLUTION³.

Randomly selected questions

  • The questions are drawn randomly from a pool.
  • The answer options of a question are mixed.
  • If desired, settings can be customised.

Non-linear test questions

  • Contrary to the usual approach in e-learning you can also provide users access to all questions without having to follow a set sequence.
  • Learners can then first look at all the questions and work through the test in an efficient way to maximise their performance – focussing on what they know.
  • Once all questions are answered, the test can be submitted for review.

Create multiple test pools

  • Questions for a particular learning goal can be drawn from several test pools.
  • The number of questions required each pool can be set – eg ten questions from pool A, two questions from pool B, etc …
  • In addition, points can also be assigned individually for each question. So you can scale the grades and question weightings yourself.

Assessments with lookup functionality

  • For tests, we can also provide functions that enable learners to look up further information.
  • This way, you can give your learner tips, link to pages in the course, or provide additional content from which the learner can derive the answers.
  • With the latter option and an appropriate learning management system, you can use learner analytics to measure how effective your content is at transferring knowledge.