The specialFramework

Designed as a framework within EVOLUTION³, the newly developed MATRIX-FRAMEWORK is a learning system structured to provide a more open learning environment.

What is a FRAMEWORK?

A FRAMEWORK Determines how the authoring tools EVOLUTION³ and/or FAST-TRAIN function to create learning content for a business.

Any business can define a FRAMEWORK to meet its specific technical and educational requirements. This individual application architecture developed can then be used as often as desired for the creation of learning content.

The application of a FRAMEWORKs thus ensures a uniform and standardized production process for learning content, without restricting the designing and creative implementation of learning content.

You can also use EVOLUTION³ and/or FAST-TRAIN with defined templates so that you can easily implement your instructional design concepts.

What are the advantagesof using a FRAMEWORK?

Companies with their own learning strategy can can incorporate their education principles into the technical learning architecture of a FRAMEWORK so that authors do not have to worry about the configuration and conformity of what they are producing.

In conjunction with the CBTL authoring Tools a FRAMEWORK provides many benefits to businesses:

Time and cost savings through

  • Efficient and consistent creation of learning content
  • A uniform technical implementation:
    Guaranteed compatibility of the content created on all LMS used in the company / group,
    Group-wide assured quality standards as well as significantly reduced effort in quality assurance
  • Quick customization
    of content, design or technical changes to new as well as already created content (e.g. to CI specifications)
  • Sustainability:
    Already created learning content can be linked to and reused in new projects
  • Central management of global content production:
    Production progress can be tracked online globally and content downloaded locally
  • Smart creation of language versions
  • Independence of service providers:
    Agency-created content can be reused, adapted, and augmented by other agencies

Ease of access and higher success rates for learners due to:

  • Quick orientation within content through a consistent appearance (e.g. with regard to basic functionalities, navigation options)
  • Exercise Feedback
  • Assessments / final-tests / pre-tests
  • Use of content on mobile devices

Explorative learningmade easy

The instructional design FRAMEWORK for exploratory learning. 
MATRIX Courses allow learners to navigate freely around a course
using e-learning content that works on every device.

Learners can use the controls optimized for mobile devices and PCs to surf the content and exercises. This system, based on HTML5, appeals to the type of learners that want to “learn” in a more exploratory and playful way.

At the same time MATRIX  offers a recommended learning path, which can be abandoned or entered at any time without being “lost”. This enables the learner to successfully complete all integrated tasks, exercises and tests.

earners with prior knowledge can independently navigate using built in controls to the content relevant to them. Exploratory learning at it’s best – with barely noticeable crash barriers.

Björn Preußer in an interview at LEARNTEC 2016 about the MATRIX-FRAMEWORK, Single Source Publishing und die Zukunft des Lernens.